Trump confided in the narrative of the Russian special services about Ukraine – former adviser

Трамп доверял нарративу спецслужб РФ об Украине - экс-советник

22.11.2019, 09:15


Ex-administration official Donald trump Fiona hill called his statements about Ukraine “fictional narrative”, which was invented by the Russian secret service

Assessing Ukraine, the us President, Donald trump ignored top advisers and instead adhered to the false theory that this country, not Russia, intervened in the elections in 2016 in the United States. This was told at the hearings of the impeachment of trump’s former assistant White house Fiona hill, writes BBC News.

In theory disproved, says the Agency, in election 2016 the United States intervened, the Ukrainians, or individuals who have Ukrainian ties, not Russia. “This is a fiction, which is developed and distributed by the Russian special services”, she said.

Hill noted that trump’s opinion about Ukraine is largely formed personal attorney Rudolph Giuliani, who “did explosive” and “inciting” statements about the country, “is clearly pushing the topic, which we will call”.

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Help. Investigation of impeachment finds out, frozen, whether trump assistance to Ukraine to exert pressure on its leadership so that the dug up dirt on his political opponent. In the United States illegally to apply for foreign aid to gain an unfair advantage in the election. There are transcripts of the first and second phone conversations trump Zelensky. Complicated story with the tramp – the maximum available.