Trump congratulated Boeing with the beginning of certification of the 737 max

Трамп поздравил Boeing с началом сертификации 737 МАХ

The President of the United States trump congratulated Boeing for overcoming the crisis and the beginning of certification of aircraft 737 max.

“I want to congratulate Boeing, they’ve been through so much. One probably of the best companies in the world,” trump told reporters at the White house.

According to him, the company is moving forward. “It was a very complicated process, but they made a significant acquisition and are in the process of certification of the 737 max airliner, they also begin to do real business,” said trump.

The Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA) and the Boeing company conducted at this week’s test flight of the 737 MAX. Now obtained during the flights, data will be collected and processed.

Recall that the flights of the 737 max is suspended in the USA and many other countries after crashed two of the Airliners.

In October of 2019 a group of international experts JATR (Joint Authorities Technical Review) identified significant deficiencies during certification of the 737 MAX aircraft made by Boeing and the Federal aviation administration of the United States.

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