Trump demanded to send Americans to the moon by 2024

Трамп потребовал отправить американцев на Луну до 2024 года

At the request of the White house to NASA over the next five years are to be arranged by the flight of American astronauts to the moon. This was during a speech at the American space Agency said Vice-President Mike Pence. A snippet of the speech he published in his Twitter.

“The President has directed NASA and its Director Jim Bridenstine to accomplish this task by any means necessary… You should consider to attract all possible means, including the space industry, the government and private business. The administration and the American people are committed to this goal,” he said to the NASA employees.

“White house strategy is to return American astronauts to the moon within the next five years. The first woman and the next man on the moon’s surface by American astronauts will be sent using American rockets from American soil,” – said Vice-President of the Pens.

The head of NASA Jim Bridenstine responded to the words of a Penny in his Twitter. “The challenge is accepted. And now – to work,” he wrote. He later confirmed that the task will involve private companies. “Nine of us companies under contract with NASA to compete for the delivery of the first batch of scientific equipment on the lunar surface”, – said Breidenstein. The results of the tender, he said, will be announced in may.

On exploration of the moon, as reported by the WSJ, NASA intends to ask the us budget another $500 million To the study of Earth’s satellite, the Agency intends to actively involve the private sector. According to previously announced plans for the mission of the Orion spacecraft to the moon in 2020 had to be used super-heavy carrier rocket Space Launch System (SLS), primarily developed by Boeing. In mid-March, Breidenstein allow the possibility of changing the choice of the launch and signing of a contract with another company.

About the plans of flight to the moon, said SpaceX founder Elon Musk. In 2017, the company intended to send the first space tourists to the moon in 2018. However, as reported in the company, customers have already made substantial part payment. In 2018, the flight never took place, but in September it became known the name of the first space tourist, who will travel on the ship SpaceX to the moon – it was a Japanese billionaire Yusaku of Maezawa. According to Forbes, as of Yusaku Maezawa is $2.9 billion in early February 2019 Musk showed a video of tests of engines for interplanetary spacecraft Starship.

The first landing of men on the moon took place in 1969. On the ship “Apollo-11” on the surface of the satellite landed the crew commander Neil Armstrong and pilot buzz Aldrin. The lunar program “Apollo” lasted until 1972.