Trump has fired a top intelligence officer Atkinson, which began the investigation of “the Ukrainian business”

Трамп уволил топ-разведчика Аткинсона, из-за которого началось расследование "украинского дела"

The US President Donald trump has fired the inspector General of intelligence Michael Atkinson, who has considered the complaint of the informant about the pressure on the Ukrainian leadership. Reported by the Associated press.

“I think he did a terrible job, absolutely terrible. He took a false report and rushed him to Congress, okay? Not a big fan of trump, I can tell you,” he said about Atkinson.

Trump called “dishonor” the complaint of the informant, which began the process of impeachment.

He was surprised why Atkinson didn’t talk to him about the complaints, although the role of the Atkinson is to ensure independent oversight.

The White house informed Congress about the dismissal of geninspektora intelligence late in the evening on Friday. Corresponding letter he sent to the Committee on intelligence in the House of representatives and the Senate. His decision, the President explained the loss of confidence in the Atkinson. The decision to remove him from office will take effect in 30 days.

Displacement Atkinson is part of a larger personnel rotations in the intelligence community, which began under the administration of trump, known for its skeptical attitude to the professionals in the industry.

The democratic leadership in Congress immediately criticized the President criticized for this decision, reports The Voice of America.

The speaker of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi has called the dismissal of Atkinson “a disgrace” and “a gross abuse of the patriot.”

One of the initiators of the impeachment, the Chairman of the intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, considered the decision of trump “another blatant attempt by the President to destroy the independence of the intelligence community.”

The inspector General of the U.S. Department of justice Michael Horowitz said that Atkinson was known for his “honesty, professionalism and commitment to the rule of law and independent oversight”. According to him, this includes the actions of the Atkinson review complaint whistleblowers regarding Ukraine.

As you know, on the basis of the complaint of the informant, the Democrats came to the conclusion that trump tried to put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to investigate in respect of the company Burisma, the Board of Directors which consisted of hunter Biden, son of former us Vice-President Joe Biden, who claims to be part in the November presidential election. Launched an investigation in the framework of the impeachment. The house of representatives accused the President of abuse of power and obstruction of justice. However, the upper fee of the Congress – the Senate – met trump.

Трамп уволил топ-разведчика Аткинсона, из-за которого началось расследование "украинского дела"