Trump has promised to recognize the movement “Antifa” terrorist organization

Трамп пообещал признать движение "Антифа" террористической организацией

The US President Donald trump said that the anti-fascist movement will be regarded by the state as terrorist. Such a publication appeared in his Twitter feed.

“The U.S. recognizes “anti-fascist” terrorist organization”, – he wrote.

The publication stems from the fact that antifascist activists largely supported the pogroms, riots and looting, arranged by protesters after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“They staged the massacre at rallies of his supporters, occupied entire neighborhoods in cities like Portland, where local authorities condoned it. But only mass riots across the country, with thousands detained rioters and billions of dollars damage finally forced the administration to acknowledge trump’s “anti-fascists” terrorist organization”, – wrote in his Telegram-channel political analyst Malek Dudakov.

The only chance for the ultra-left, argues the author, will remain a semantic game – their constant argument that “with anti-fascists can only fight the Nazis.”

Riots in Minneapolis (Minnesota) began after the 46-year-old black George Floyd was arrested on suspicion of paying for goods with a fake cheque. A policeman came to the man with his knee on the throat, after which he complained of pain and inability to breathe. In the result of Floyd died in intensive care. Protests and riots after the incident began in other US cities. In Oakland, California, rioting citizens shot the employee of Federal security service of the United States. UN urged to stop the violence motivated by racial hatred.