Trump has threatened the car industry the EU’s 20% fees

Трамп пригрозил автопрому ЕС 20-процентными пошлинами

The US President Donald trump has threatened to increase import duties to 20 per cent on cars from Europe. This statement was made after introduced retaliatory trade duties on EU steel and aluminum.

On the basis of duties and trade barriers of the EU… we will introduce a duty of 20 per cent on all their cars

Donald Trump
the President of the United States

“On the basis of duties and trade barriers, has long applied by the European Union against the United States and their great companies and the workers, we will introduce a fee of 20 percent on all of their cars that imported into USA, if they do not reduce or cancel those fees and barriers. Make them (Euronews) here!”, – wrote in his Twitter trump.

Trade war the US and the EU rasgar ELOS at the end of March, after Washington, he announced the introduction of a 25 percent duty on steel and 10 per cent for aluminium, as stated by trump, in the interests of national security.

In response, the EU responded to the same measures and imposed duties on American goods for a total value of two billion, eight hundred million euros. In addition to steel products, “the blacklist” joins and other products, in particular, the well-known American clothing brands, motorcycles and whiskey.

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