Trump has threatened to veto the bill on the defense

Трамп пригрозил наложить вето на законопроект об обороне

The US President Donald trump has said he will veto the annual bill funding the defense Ministry, if it would include the requirement to rename military facilities of the United States, named in honor of the Confederate States of America.

His last statement on this topic appeared on Twitter on Tuesday evening. In the President criticized democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, using, as he has repeatedly done in the past, his ironic nickname of the female legislator “Pocahontas”.

“I will veto the defense bill if the amendment Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren renames Fort Bragg, Fort Robert E. Lee and many other military bases that we won two world wars…”

Last month the Senate Committee on the armed forces in the result of a concerted bipartisan vote approved by 25 votes to 2 the amendments proposed by Elizabeth Warren. The senators urged the Pentagon for 3 years to work on identifying and renaming all military bases, streets, airplanes, military complexes, or other “objects”, named after the Confederation of the unions of the southern States that wanted to preserve slavery and secede from the United States, but lost the Civil war of 1861-1865.

The Secretary of defense mark Esper, Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General mark Millie and the Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy made it clear that they are ready to start work for renaming bases.

Among the objects named after military figures of the Confederacy, Fort Benning, Fort Bragg, Fort hood and Fort Pickett, reports Voice of America.

The problem of renaming, re-emerged amid nationwide protests after the death during detention by police of an African-American George Floyd. Protests in many cities have been directed against monuments to leaders of the Confederation and led to the demolition of some of them. For example, the monument to Confederate President Jefferson Davis in Richmond the capital of Virginia and of the monument to one of the leading generals of the Confederacy Robert E. Lee in Montgomery, capital of Alabama.

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