Trump is the only President who has not published his Declaration before the election – 24 Channel

Трамп – єдиний президент,  який не опублікував свою декларацію перед виборами - 24 Канал

All the presidents over the past half-century has published his Declaration even before the election. Trump was the first who did not, I give 99% that there are some very strange things.

This was told in his video blog “Mad world” political analyst Ivan Yakovina.

According to the expert, the Congress has the right to request the tax office all data on the Declaration of any person in the country, including the President. But trump is his Declaration conceals. No one knows how many of his property and what he pays taxes.

And this can be very important. His entire image, he builds on the fact that he is very rich and successful billionaire. If you find that any billion he is not, and the debt more than assets, transki the myth will crumble like a house of cards. It will be similar to the successful fraudster, who did, I’m sorry, “suckers” the whole country, and not the icon business
said Yakovina.

As the expert noted, all presidents over the past half century published their Declaration in front of another election. Trump was the first who didn’t. I give 99% that there are some very strange things. “Here the question arises: but how likely is that trump in the Declaration have any problem? Answer: very big. Otherwise he wouldn’t have to hide it from the world, as the wizard – needle with his death,” he said.

“You can immediately understand who gave and gives Trump in debt. Imagine that would begin in America, if it turns out that the President has hundreds of millions of Russians. Or the Saudis? Or Chinese? It would be super-mega-treason!”, – added Yakovina.

Video of the full release of “Mad world” for November 9, 2018


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