Trump over the precipice: can the U.S. President to avoid impeachment

Трамп над пропастью: сможет ли президент США избежать импичмента

In the development of “Ukrainedate” took an important step. The house of representatives of the United States Congress adopted the formal procedure of impeachment of the President of Donald trumpand. The Democrats and also not too kind to Trump the Republicans, although there a little, “go after him”. The impeachment of Republican Donald trump is very beneficial for the Democratic party, because only in this case they have a chance to win the presidential election in the United States.

Voting for the official status of the impeachment was made possible after the testimony of the US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor. It was his thesis gave Democrats confidence in their abilities. Why the testimony of Taylor became a turning point, well illustrated and a storm in the American media. It contrasts strongly with the thesis Marie Yovanovitch and Gordon Sandland, the discussion of which has been relatively quiet. As we know, William Taylor didn’t mince accusations against Donald trump and his entourage, as these charges Pro-democracy media relished for a long time. In particular, CNN, you can read that “dramatic evidence defeated the defense of trump” and “the Democrats in one easy motion got a loaded gun – the certificate “service for service” during the most dramatic and significant turn of their investigation by the impeached Trump”.

Another close to the Democrats the publication – Bloomberg noted that Taylor is a person with purpose, virtue and integrity, and his testimony before lawmakers engaged in an investigation of the impeachment, destroying the arguments of the White house that in the negotiations trump and Ukraine there was no “service for service”. The New York Times claimed that “Trompowsky “the favor” – was the “gun smoke” (American idiom meaning irrefutable proof -” the Apostrophe “).

Recall, the reason for the impeachment against trump was suspicion that the President of the United States “pressed” on his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky during a telephone conversation on 25 July. Supposedly Donald trump demanded Zelensky initiate in Ukraine, the investigation against the family of his political opponent – Democrat Joe Biden. Is this “service” the American side promised to arrange a meeting Zelensky with trump, as well as to solve the issue of providing further military assistance to our country.

But close to the GOP (another name for the Republican party of the USA – “the Apostrophe”) media and their speakers looked like Islands of calm in a stormy sea of charges against Donald trump. Outpost prorepublican media – Fox News reacted to the “dramatic” and “controversial” testimony of Taylor with restraint, appealing to the lack of direct evidence of guilt trump. “Neither this witness nor any other did not provide any evidence that there was a principle of “service for service” or any evidence that the Ukrainians knew that military aid was arrested on July 25,” – says one of the resource materials.

However, the impression of a monolithic and unanimous support of trump inside the Republican party does not correspond to reality. In particular, on condition of anonymity, the Republicans gave Chris Wallace – Fox News columnist whether the message, or the warning Trump. Like, if the Congress will vote for impeachment trump, then there is a 20% probability that the Republican senators from the Upper house would support impeachment. Many “Republicans” are not happy with the fact that after a number of resignations, in particular, adviser Bolton and Minister of energy Perry, trump remained almost the sole Manager of American politics. A good example of dissatisfaction with this state of Affairs is the reaction of the congressmen and Republican senators on the decision of trump’s withdrawal from Syria, where they almost unanimously supported resolution of the Democrats. Obviously, announced a 20% probability of support for impeachment in the Senate, is a kind of warning to the President from his party. A recommendation not to break away from the party course.

To warnings the President suddenly joined “the dark genius of spin” and the actual architect of trump’s victory in the presidential election of 2016 Steven benon. He sharply criticized the administration trump, in particular the chaotic and absurd actions of the head of administration Malvina, Rudy Giuliani and other current close to the President of the United States of persons in the matter of impeachment. But benon advised the President to trust the majority leader in the Senate Mitch Macconnel and not rely too much on what the Senate failed impeachment. Which, according to Benoni, for a maximum of 6 weeks, the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi still “stretch” through Congress.

The main opponent of the trump in the upcoming election benon not call Biden to “drown” which seems to put pressure on Ukraine, Hillary Clinton or Michael Bloomberg. Immediately after the interview with Benon, in the American media showered the information that both Clinton and Bloomberg does not exclude the participation in elections.

The predictions of Benon has not arisen in a vacuum. If you look closely at the current ratings of candidates-Democrats, we can understand a few vague prospects of their victory over trump. A rating of moderate John Biden is sinking rapidly – it’s already the 4th. But the leader is quite the “left” opponent of Facebook and Google Elizabeth Warren, who wants the law to split the multibillion-dollar Internet Empire into smaller and more competitive structure.

The three leaders also are Bernie Sanders and Pete Bucatar, which also can not be called “centrists” or “moderates”. And frankly the “left” candidate, and even without the usual support of the Internet giants, as in the case of Elizabeth Warren, the Trump and the Republicans will be much easier to “drown”.

It may well be that bringing impeachment to the bitter end will be the only lifeline to the Democrats because frankly left candidate, and even without the usual support of the Internet giants, as in the case of Elizabeth Warren, the Trump and the Republicans will be much easier to “drown”. On the other hand, the output of the trump games of completely destroy the election campaign of the Republicans and will give a serious chance to win even frankly “to the left” as the democratic candidate. On this background the Ukrainian case, where it all began, eventually became pawns in the struggle for power between the two main political forces in the United States.