Trump recognized the movement “Antifa” terrorist organization

Трамп признал движение "Антифа" террористической организацией

In 2018 members of the movement “Antifa” beat the man with USA flag

The ultra-leftist movement “Antifa”, which includes armed groups of anti-fascists, was declared a terrorist organization in the United States of America. The movement wanted to recognize the terrorist in 2019.

This statement was made by the American President Donald trump on Twitter.

“The United States recognizes “anti-fascist” terrorist organization”, – he wrote.

Trump accuses the participants of the movement “anti-fascists” of inciting the riots that swept American cities after the killing of an African American in Minneapolis. The movement participants themselves take an active part in these riots.

Note, in 2018, the members of the “Antifa” beat 38-year-old Paul Hesla. A man was attacked by a group of representatives of the movement when he participated in a demonstration in Portland. As told the victim, the attackers demanded to throw down the US flag he was holding in his hands.

Another incident involving the “anti-fascists” took place in 2019 in the same Portland. Then the anti-fascists beat up the journalist and blogger Andy Guo, who in his publications has accused the movement for the violence. After trump promised to recognize the “Antifa” terrorists, but the final decision was.

Earlier the US President declared that the riots have nothing to do with peaceful protests, and called members of “the looters and anarchists”.

Трамп признал движение "Антифа" террористической организацией

Трамп признал движение "Антифа" террористической организацией