Trump said of the “truce” in the trade war with China

Трамп заявил о «перемирии» в торговой войне с Китаем

US President, Donald trump declared that announces “truce” in the “trade war” with China, as the parties failed to agree on most issues and from March 1 the customs duties will not grow.

About this American leader wrote on Twitter.

In particular, the American President wrote that in negotiations the parties have made “significant progress” and to impose higher duties, as it was planned earlier, does not make sense.

But this is not the final termination of “trade wars”, but only a temporary “truce” because of the duties on goods between the countries were not started to operate only a rule of raising them to 25 %.

“I am pleased to report that the United States has made substantial progress in our trade negotiations with China on important structural issues,” said trump.

According to him, the parties reached a compromise in such issues as intellectual property protection, technology transfer, agriculture, services, currency, and many others.

“Given the productivity of the negotiations, I will postpone the increase of tariffs in the United States, which was scheduled for 1 March,” – said the President of the United States.

He also noted that he plans to meet with Chinese leader XI Jinping in his residence Mar-A-Lago. The leaders will sign the final agreement. But the time and date of such summit of heads of China and the United States has not yet determined.

“It was a very good weekend for the United States and China!”, summed up trump.

As you know, after the introduction of 10% duty on Chinese goods the White house was hoping to stop the export from China, however the Chinese managed to bypass this obstacle by reducing factory production costs and the introduction of automation and robotics.

Previously, trump has signed the decree about creation of space forces.