Trump said that Apple will announce the construction of a plant in Texas

Трамп заявил, что Apple объявит о строительстве завода в Техасе

Apple will announce the construction of a plant in Texas. The confidence expressed on Friday, the President of the United States Donald trump during a conversation with reporters in the White house, which was broadcast channel C-SPAN.

Earlier, the head of state announced that the us authorities is not going to make an exception of the previously imposed customs duties on goods from China for Apple, which moved production of its professional computer workstation Mac Pro from the US to China.

“I think Apple is going to announce the construction of a plant in Texas. If they do, I’ll be very happy,” said the President. “I want the Apple built their factories in the United States, not in China again, said trump. I heard that they are going to build a plant in China. I said, “Well, you can build in China, but when you send your products to the United States, we must pay her dues”.

The President pointed out that are working on this issue with the company. “I much like and I have great respect for Tim cook. We will work through this issue”, – said the head of state.

As previously reported the newspaper the Wall Street Journal, Apple has contracted with Taiwan-based Quanta Computer contractor, which will manufacture the Mac Pro at its plant near Shanghai. As notes the edition, the professional Mac Pro a retail value of about $6 thousand is actually the only of the main Apple produced in the United States. According to the publication, now a California Corporation can greatly reduce the cost due to the fact that the Quanta Computer factory is in China, that is in the immediate vicinity of the location of many Asian suppliers of components for Apple.

Earlier, Japanese newspaper Nikkei reported that Apple is considering the option of moving from 15% to 30% of their production capacity from China to other countries due to increasing trade disputes between Washington and Beijing.