Trump showed the proposed borders of Israel and Palestine

Трамп продемонстрировал предлагаемые границы Израиля и Палестины

28 Jan US President Donald trump has posted on Twitter a map of the possible location of Israel and Palestine after the anticipated settlement of the conflict.

“So the future may look like the state of Palestine with its capital in parts of East Jerusalem,” – commented the head of the White house.

On the map the territory of the future Arab state by scattered Jewish and is linked by tunnel transitions.

This is what a future State of Palestine can look like, with a capital in parts of East Jerusalem. – Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 28, 2020

The plan for the middle East, which trump calls a “historic breakthrough”. He, in particular, suggests that Jerusalem will remain “undivided capital” of Israel, and the capital of the state of Palestine is al Quds, and its members will include areas of East Jerusalem.

Relations between the United States and the Palestinian authority was almost severed in 2017, when 6 Dec trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announced the postponement of the U.S. Embassy in this city.

May 14, 2018 in Jerusalem opened an American dipvedomstva. In the Gaza strip in this regard clashed. In the result of Israeli military lethal weapons killing dozens of people.

Israel occupied East Jerusalem after the 1967 war and considers the entire city its capital. The Palestinians, in turn, want to declare East Jerusalem the capital of their state.

The administrative capital of Israel is now in tel Aviv and the Palestinian authority based in Ramallah.