Trump signed a Memorandum on the formation of Cosmic forces

Трамп подписал меморандум о формировании Космических сил

The document obliges the Minister of defence to develop a draft law according to which Space forces will be the sixth unit of the Armed forces of the United States. First, they will be created within the Department of the air force.

A message was posted on the White house website.

The Memorandum is a bold, strategic step towards American space dominance.

The administration, trump said that “the United States is the best in Space, and their opponents know it,” and noted that “space is a key source of strategic advantage” for the United States and, therefore, potential foreign adversaries are determined to limit access to it Americans.

White house seeks to counter the potential threat from foreign enemies in space, to preserve US leadership and stay ahead of competitors.

It is worth noting that last year, trump offered to build a Space force as a separate branch of service. About the beginning of the practical implementation of military space forces of the United States in August 2018, announced Vice-President Mike Pence and Secretary of defense James Mattis. Pence promised that the new force will be established until 2020. Their strategic rivals in the space of the United States see China and Russia.