Trump wants to deprive the monopolies against Huawei

Трампа хотят лишить монополии в отношении Huawei

A group of senators introduced a bipartisan bill that would limit the capacity of management trump to reduce the pressure on Chinese technology giant Huawei. It will be impossible without the participation of Congress.

The law on the protection of the future 5G in America, was developed by senators Tom Cotton and Chris van Hellenon, to prohibit the administration of the tramp alone to allow Huawei to do business with American companies. If approved, this will also prevent the Department of Commerce to exclude the Chinese company from its “List of organizations”, which refers to the recent Executive order trump. This list does not allow companies such as Huawei, buy American technology without government permission. It is reported by the Informant Tech with reference to The Verge.

A group of legislators who signed the bill, which has long tried to block Chinese telecommunications companies like Huawei and ZTE in the U.S. market. Senators, like Marco Rubio, helped lead the effort last summer and called the recent steps by the administration to reduce Huawei’s “catastrophic mistake”. Rubio, along with Senator MITT Romney, mark Warner and Richard Blumenthal are co-authors of the Senate version of the legislation, which also will be submitted?? in the house.

“We need to make concerted efforts to counter the threat that China poses to national security, intellectual property and technology,” said Senator MITT Romney. “Our bill prohibits U.S. companies from doing business with Huawei until then, until they no longer pose a threat to national security.” But earlier this summer, trump announced that the administration will start to provide benefits for Huawei to enable it to continue doing business with American companies, but the move quickly raised the IRE of lawmakers on both sides who believe that these Chinese companies pose a significant national security threat.

“Huawei is not a normal business partner for American companies, it is a front for the Communist party of China. Our bill supports the decision of the President of the USA on inclusion of Huawei in the black list technology. American companies should not sell their enemies the tools they use to spy on Americans, ” said cotton.

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