Trump was looking for evidence of the involvement of Ukraine to intervene in U.S. elections

Трамп искал доказательства причастности Украины к вмешательству в выборы в США

The President of the United States Donald trump tried to find information indicating that Ukraine was involved in the attempts to interfere in the American elections. This was reported in Saturday newspaper The New York Times.

“Despite the insights of the intelligence services and the US Department of justice regarding the fact that Russia is responsible for interference in elections in 2016, trump was inclined to look for evidence that the intervention was associated with Ukraine and is hostile against his forces, he was fixated on a questionable conspiracy theories, according to which in Ukraine could be found of the missing e-mails Hillary Clinton”, – emphasizes the publication. As it notes, these conclusions are based on information obtained by journalists from the documents and from a number of sources in the US and in Ukraine.

In the publication it is stated that trump sent to Ukraine, his lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, including those in the database. According to the publication, trump and Giuliani conducted in Ukraine, “shadow foreign policy”, the objectives of which differed with the official policy of the United States. According to the newspaper, trump, in particular, believed that some “forces in Ukraine” associated with the American Democratic party, was promoted during the presidential race in the US, the compromising materials about the Field Manaforce. Last for several months in 2016 was the head of the electoral headquarters of the trump. He left this post in light of the emergence of evidence that his name appeared in the lists of the so-called black accountancy of the Party of regions.

According to the interpretation of the edition, the trump during the conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky in July this year encouraged him to cooperate with the Minister of justice and United States attorney General William Barr on a number of issues. “In their number of unconfirmed conspiracy theory, according to which Ukraine, but not Russia, was behind the kidnapping of the electronic correspondence of the National Committee of the US Democratic party in 2016, and the missing e-mails, Clinton can be on a server in Ukraine”, – notes the edition.

Former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton was a rival trump in the presidential elections of 2016. She was accused that she, as head of the state Department, used for business purposes personal e-mail Inbox. She was later transferred to the foreign office his entire working correspondence, and personal (more than 30 thousand letters) removed, and was subjected to harsh criticism. The FBI investigated this case, but not found in it crime. Trump during the presidential race of 2016 called to find the correspondence of Clinton.

The publication claimed that shortly before the presidential elections in Ukraine, close Petro Poroshenko, who was then the leader of this country, expected that he would support trump. They believed that it would increase the chances Poroshenko to win. According to the publication, surrounded by Poroshenko showed willingness to conduct investigations began which sought Giuliani.