Trump will free Iran from terrorists – Ali Reza Rezazade

Трамп освободит Иран от террористов - Али Реза Резазаде

Recently, the U.S. Congress passed the 6th international conference on democratic transformation of Iran titled “Iran against the war: the next step — constitutional revolution”. The event was organized by the National Iranian Congress (NIC, opposition to the Iranian regime organization for its displacement and further democratic transformation of the country).

Solemn moment of the conference was the fact that one of its main participants of the first Vice-President of the National Iranian Congress Rezazadeh Ali Reza was awarded the Freedom Defenders Award 2019 – defenders of freedom.

Трамп освободит Иран от террористов - Али Реза Резазаде

Трамп освободит Иран от террористов - Али Реза Резазаде

The President of the United States Donald trump and Congressman Dan Kranda

Awarding was held by a member of the U.S. Congress, the hero and participant of military actions in the middle East, close to the current President Donald Trump— Dan Kranda. This award testifies to the enormous contribution from Ali Reza in peace and change in the middle East, and in particular, in the sphere of fight against terrorism and the restoration of democracy in Iran.

Трамп освободит Иран от террористов - Али Реза Резазаде

Among other participants, speakers and guests of the conference were Amir Fakhravar — President of the National Iranian Congress, the aforementioned member of Congress Dan Kranda, Kenneth Katzman is a senior analyst on Iraq, Iran and the Gulf countries congressional Research service of the US and Clare Lopez is currently a private consultant, Vice-President of the organization of the intelligence Summit and a Professor at the Centre for counterintelligence and investigation of security issues (USA), and Frederick Fleyts state employee of the United States, the analyst and commentator, President and CEO of the Center on security issues.

Трамп освободит Иран от террористов - Али Реза Резазаде

One of the key themes of the conference was to discuss recent tensions between the US and Iran on the background of strengthening sanctions against the middle Eastern country, and increasing pressure on existing regime, which is the sponsor of many terrorist organizations of Islamic fundamentalists.

To avoid war with Iran, critics of the President trump’s offer to lift sanctions against the regime of Khamenei. They argue that the only option for the President to trump war or the lifting of sanctions. However, to date, it should be clear that the lifting of sanctions will lead to the fact that the regime will continue its terrorist activities in the region. The President provides a third option to support the people’s constitutional revolution in Iran.

2019 will be the last year of the Iranian regime, it will be replaced by a new government that will have good relations with USA and Israel — is sure Vice-the President of the Iranian national Congress, an official of the Iranian opposition Ali Reza Rezazade.

Трамп освободит Иран от террористов - Али Реза Резазаде

It should be noted that even in 2015, during the presidential campaign in the United States, Ali Reza Rezazade said that elections are won by the candidate Donald trump, not Hillary Clinton, as many assumed. He then laughed some, says Rezazade. And then he wrote in his page Facebook that the new President, Donald trump will pay very serious attention to Iran, and one of its main tasks will be a change of government and the liberation of the people of Iran from the Muslim fundamentalists.

Rezazade not wrong when he said that Donald trump will cancel nuclear deal with Iran. A month before, in April last year, he wrote that up to 20 may 2018 the United States will be released from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, and it will be the beginning of the war with the middle Eastern country.

“Everything I said, everything happened,” says Ali Reza.

In may of this year in one of his videos, which Rezazade published on the Internet, he says that as he predicted, Donald trump after winning the election seriously take up the issue of Iran. One of its tasks will change there is power and liberation of the people from the power of Muslim fundamentalists. Nobody believed, however, it happened. Also the Islamic revolutionary guards Corps, an elite military formation of Iran — was recognized as a terrorist organization. And it was also predicted Ali Reza.

Today, the expert says that the new government, which will come as a result of mandatory changes in 2019, will consist of democratically-minded people that will in good relations with the United States and Israel. After all, Iran’s success depends on relations with these two countries, says the Vice-President of the National Iranian Congress.

“I am confident that the new challenges of global terrorism to humanity, needs to unite all people to fight this evil”, — says Mr. Rezazade.