Trump will make Iran suffer, and Nasalik said that the IMF would deprive Ukraine aid: the major statements of the week

Трамп заставит Иран страдать, а Насалик рассказал, за что МВФ лишит Украину помощи: главные высказывания недели

Thinks Arseniy Yatsenyuk on “the language law”, John Herbst about the Minsk process? Read the TOP 5 quotes this week in a special material website Today.

Nasalik: If July 1 does not start the power market, macro-financial assistance will be reviewed

What would happen if the electricity market does not start July 1? The failure of the law “On market of electric power” threatens Ukraine with loss of the tranche of macro-financial assistance from the European Union and other credits from international partners. This opinion was expressed by 16 may, the Minister of energy and coal industry Igor Nasalik.

“If we determined a certain period, and we have macro-financial assistance, i.e. aid from the European Union, which amounts to billions of dollars, and if the first of July does not start a market, then it is obvious that macro-financial assistance will be reviewed, whether to provide Ukraine”, – said Igor Nasalik.

According to him, the launch of the electricity market is clearly regulated by the law “On electricity market”, and at this stage the subjects of the electricity market has declared its readiness to work within the framework of the new legislation on the first of July 2019.

“The law on the electricity market is clearly written, what the subjects of the market and what should be done to ensure that the market earned since the first of July. Every person, who reports, says that he is ready. Well, if he is willing, then the market, obviously need to work”, – said Igor Nasalik.

Mingarelli: Over the past year much has been done for the approximation of Ukraine to the European Union

The head of delegation of European Union to Ukraine Hugh Mingarelli convinced that over the past year much has been done for the approximation of Ukraine to the European Union. The Ambassador said the EU may 16 on the occasion of Europe Day.

“Since when we met last time, 12 months ago, a lot has been done in order to bring Ukraine closer to the European Union, and this was done on the basis of shared values”, – said Mingarelli.

In particular, the EU Ambassador stressed that, thanks to the Ukrainian authorities, including the government and Parliament managed to implement a lot of progress in the implementation of the Association Agreement of Ukraine with the European Union.

“Thanks to the implementation of this Agreement in economic terms, Ukraine is much better integrated in the overall European Union market. Today, more than 40% of Ukrainian exports go to the European Union market, and more than 15 thousand of Ukrainian enterprises exporting to the EU market”, – said Mingarelli.

In addition, the diplomat noted that over the previous months thanks to a visa-free regime more than 2.5 million Ukrainians visited Western Europe.

“All this was possible thanks to extraordinary leadership, which showed the government and the President of Ukraine to stabilize the situation in Ukraine and restructuring the economy”, – said the EU Ambassador.

Yatseniuk: the Protection of the Ukrainian language is not only culture, but also security

Together with the previously adopted quotas for the language on television and radio the law on language will give a significant boost to the adoption of the state language in Ukraine, – said the leader of the party “national front” Arseniy Yatsenyuk in his post on Facebook after the signing of the language law may 15.

He recalled that the faction “people’s front” has consistently advocated the protection of the Ukrainian language:

“Thanks to colleagues from the popular front for the victory”.

Ukraine has received one of the most democratic in Europe laws, said Arseniy Yatsenyuk:

“Together with the previously adopted quotas for the language on television and radio, he will give a significant boost adoption of the state language in Ukraine”.

“Protection of the Ukrainian language is not only culture, but also security

“- he stressed.

Herbst: the Minsk process, keep

The Minsk process should be maintained. It is important for Kiev, because it is tied to the sanctions against Russia. About it on may 17 at the International round table organized by the Razumkov Center, said the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst.

He is sure Putin thought Ukraine was broken, and the West does not react to Moscow’s actions, as it was after the events in South Ossetia. The possibility of large-scale war with Russia diplomat rejects.

As we have already mentioned, Herbst said that after the elections Ukraine will not come back to Russia, and Moscow will not prevent the European course Kyiv. He also noted that Putin miscalculated with the methods of influence on Ukraine and used to float troops, although they could go softer methods.

Trump: Iran will suffer greatly

The US President Donald trump said that Iran would face serious consequences if the authorities take hasty steps.

“Let’s see how the situation will develop around Iran. If they do anything it will be a huge mistake. If they do something, tabout to suffer greatly

“, – said the American leader.

Recall that the assistant to the President for national security John Bolton announced on 5 may that the Washington, as a signal to the Iranian authorities will send a battle group of Navy, led by the aircraft carrier “Abraham Lincoln” and the tactical group of bombers into the zone of operational responsibility of the Central command of US forces (CENTCOM). It includes primarily the middle East and North Africa. On Tuesday, representatives of the Central command of the armed forces of the United States said that Washington had allegedly received information about Iran’s possible attacks on American forces in the middle East.

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