TSK parliamentary channels “112. Ukraine”, NewsOne and ZiK started to work

Парламентская ТСК по каналам "112. Украина", NewsOne и ZiK приступила к работе

Temporary investigative Commission to investigate the circumstances of the change of ownership of the TV channel “112. Ukraine”, NewsOne and ZiK, which belong to the ally of Viktor Medvedchuk Taras Kozak from “Oppositional platform For life”, Monday, October 28, started to work. About the first meeting of the FAC said member, MP from “public Servants”, the former General producer of TV channel “1+1” Alexander Tkachenko.

“The importance of the work of this Commission of inquiry is to bring to the public’s attention… to show the real ownership of TV channels…. And we are not talking about interference in the editorial policy of the channels. We are talking about pandering to the aggressor state and the imposition of artificial manipulative agenda to society. VSK started, we will invite law enforcement officers, experts Hope to understand,” – wrote Deputy on his page on Facebook.

He noted that the owners of the TV channel “112. Ukraine”, NewsOne and ZiK is similar to nominal, and FAC intends to call them the real owner.

The Supreme Rahl voted for the creation of the FAC on October 17. The Commission is headed by MP from the “public Servants” Olga Wasilewska-Smaglyuk, its zamestitelya became Alexander Ustinov’s “Voice”. The FAC also includes “public servants” Sviatoslav yurash, Alexander Tkachenko, Evgeniya Kravchuk, Sergey Shvets, Julia Yatsyk and Nikita Poturaev and the representative of “the Opposition platform For life,” Nestor Shufrych.