TSMC denied the rumors about delays in the development of the 5-nm and 3-nm process technology

TSMC опровергла слухи о задержках в освоении на 5-нм и 3-нм техпроцессов

Encompasses the world of self-isolation and the projected downturn in the economy forcing many inhabitants to believe that TSMC will have to reduce capital expenditures and to delay the development of new technological processes. The company itself denies these rumors: the fate of norms 5 nm and 3 nm, experience is not necessary.

Taiwan ” CNA ” Agency issued a denial of information that has been distributed by some sources the day before. Then it was reported that the pandemic has forced TSMC to delay the start the trial production of 3-nm products until the first quarter of 2021. In fact, if you go to our news archive, in April the representatives of TSMC spoke about the possibility of a trial edition 3-nm products no earlier than 2021. All terms remained the same, and if someone is expecting acceleration in this direction, it was too rash. Finally, the immutability of the plans of TSMC and convince company representatives that spoke with the review from the site CNA.

They also added that the development of the 5-nm process pandemic coronavirus is also not affected. Mass production 5-nm products had already begun, before the end of the year, the company plans to increase the share of the proceeds from its sale to 10 %. Mass production of 3-nm products will be developed only in the second half of 2022. It is also announced in April a schedule of no delay to speak of. The only thing not reported by Chinese sources, it’s about possible adjustments for capital expenditures TSMC for the current year, which should reach $16 billion in the most optimistic variant.