Tube breeds criminal proceedings against Poroshenko, to curry favor with Zelensky – judge

Труба плодит уголовные производства против Порошенко, чтобы выслужиться перед Зеленским - судья

The Director of the State Bureau of investigation (GBR) Roman Tube mass starts criminal proceedings against the fifth President Petro Poroshenko to curry favor with the current head of state Vladimir Zelensky said in Facebook the judge of the Oktyabrskiy district court of Poltava Larissa Golnik.

“Today, on the threshold of the courtroom, I was intercepted by a messenger from the Director of the State Bureau of investigation. Showed “ksivu”, stressed that performs the task of the [Director of the Bureau] the Novel Pipe. Said analysts RRG otmonitoreny the situation with my claim to the President of Ukraine (the failure to act in connection with the failure to comply with the 30-day period of publication of the decree on the appointment of a judge indefinitely). Offered to write a statement about the crime of the former President. More absurd it’s hard not to expect,” wrote Golnik.

She added that she refused to write the statement, and noted that if the RRG can see the signs of a crime, should enter data in the Unified state register of investigations independently.

“I think Alexander Semenova (lawyer, expert in the field of anti-corruption policy. “GORDON”) I read that the Pipe is trying to curry favor with the new President and therefore breeds criminal proceedings against Poroshenko. Probably, some of them are unfounded. But why resort to complete nonsense, dictated solely by selfish interests of a single head of law enforcement body, endowed with tremendous powers?” – the judge declared.

Gollnick stressed that the territorial administration of GBR “hunting for a trifle”, and with the middle level of their potential “customers” quite normally coexist.

“The quality of investigations is not always on the level. Sometimes you start things and not finish – dropped by prosecutors, which are procedural heads. So I fully agree with the experts: no partial restart RRT is not enough. In any case, the trends are very unhealthy,” wrote Larissa Golnik.

Semenov in Facebook wrote that he was able to establish who and on whose authority came to the judge.

“Now, according to my sources, on direct orders from Kiev, the acting Director of territorial administration in Poltava Svetlana Savchenko sent a “visit” to Golnik investigator Denis shynharyeva. Savchenko – a former employee of GFS, and the judge in the administrative court. They say it is a creature of ex-customs officer Alexander Morgun, who is constantly “hanging out” in the Novel Tube. Perhaps Ms. Savchenko doesn’t know what methods work Golnik differ from how tax works or “ordinary administrative courts,” said Semenov.