Tuck: Pensioners in ORDA want to force the exchange of passport of Ukraine for passports of “LNR” and “DNR”. But then they will not be able to cross the line of demarcation

Тука: Пенсионеров в ОРДЛО хотят вынудить обменять паспорта Украины на паспорта "ЛНР" и "ДНР". Но тогда они не смогут пересекать линию разграничения

Russian occupants want to force retirees living in the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, to exchange passports of Ukraine for passports of “LNR” and “DNR”, said in comments to the edition “GORDON” the Deputy Minister on the issues of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Georgy Tuka.

“No surprises for us there, because at least the last four months, we received intelligence reports about the preparations for the issuance of passports in the occupied territories. First, there were negotiations and consultations, and then discussed the technical side of this issue. Moreover, the last two or three months of continued certification of the fighters first and second army corps. Interesting point: they now discuss how to realise the re-registration of pensioners in the occupied territories, and during this process to force people to exchange passports of Ukraine of the passport of the so-called “LNR” and “DNR”. Accordingly, people without Ukrainian passports will not be eligible for social benefits, including pensions, they will be closed the opportunity to cross the line of demarcation that will break family ties that still exist,” said Tuck.

In his opinion, a response to the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, which simplified obtaining Russian citizenship to residents ORDO should become the new anti-Russian sanctions.

“Russia in this dirty mess trying to look civilized, so their handing out passports on the territory of Russia itself. And Putin signed the decree refers exclusively to the laws of the Russian Federation. Of course, this is an unfriendly act which does not fit into the General idea of the Minsk agreements on de-escalation of the conflict. But on the contrary, indicates the intention to continue escalating. I have no doubt that our Western partners will condemn this step, because it threatens the whole group of Eastern European States. For Latvia, Lithuania and even Poland this step looks extremely provocative. I want to believe that the response to such actions of Russia will be additional sanctions. I think today is the best response,” said Tuck.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a decree, which simplifies obtaining Russian citizenship to residents of the occupied territories of Donbass. Document published April 24, 2019 on the Kremlin website.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin urged residents ORDA to refrain from joining the Russian citizenship.

Ukraine asks UN Security Council to convene a meeting in connection with the decision of the Kremlin to simplify the issuing of Russian passports in the occupied Donbas.

Minister of Ukraine on the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Vadim Chernysh said that the decision on the issuance of passports of the Russian Federation confirmed that a party to the conflict.

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine stressed that they consider the decree “null and void” and does not change the identity of the inhabitants of the occupied Russian territories of Donbass to the Ukrainian citizenship.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the decree on the issuance of passports indicates the intention of the Federation to get rid of the Minsk agreements and sanctions. He urged international partners of Ukraine “to prevent the worst-case scenario” and “hard” to condemn the actions of the Russian authorities and to strengthen sanctions.