Turchinov wants all laws to remove the term “gender” to save Ukraine

Турчинов хочет из всех законов убрать термин "гендер" для сохранения Украины

NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said that the term “gender” is an artificial, and therefore such thing should not even be in the Ukrainian laws. But he offers to return to the use of the term “male and female”.

As he said at the session of the IV all-Ukrainian forum of the family, should pursue “a normal family” to protect Ukraine from destruction and moral decline.

“How can we save our country and our people from destruction, demoralize, immoral decay? There is only one historical experience – to build the country on the eternal gospel values. This is the only way – the only way to greatness and prosperity”, – said Turchinov.

According to him, the basis of this Foundation must be faith, responsibility, and family.

“The family is a blessed unity of men and women for the continuation of life and existence of mankind. This position is clearly spelled out in the Constitution of our country. Therefore, attempts to replace the Ukrainian legislation, regulatory acts originally two human sex with hundreds of fictional genders is contrary to our Constitution, Christian morality and is an attack on our country’s values,” – said the NSDC Secretary.

He adds that a strong and full family, able to have children, is now becoming one of the most important factors of national security, on which depends the survival and future of Ukraine. And the development and protection of the institution of the family should be a priority of state policy.

Today, under the guise of protecting human rights, society impose ideological anti-Christian stamp. We need to remove ideologies from our laws, restoring the use of the term “floor” is imposed on us artificial term “gender”. I am convinced that all these tasks we are able to implement while maintaining the strategic priority of European and Euro-Atlantic integration. Moreover, helping the EU to maintain the Christian Foundation, which became the basis for their development and security,

– summed Turchinov.

The speech of Oleksandr Turchynov at the meeting of the IV all-Ukrainian forum of family: watch the video

This is not the first resonant Turchynov’s statement about family values. In particular, in mid-December of 2018, he compared the LGBT movement with the “Russian world” and Marxism. But in late June his wife, Anna, who is the Dean of the National pedagogical Dragomanov University, said that LGBT people are “abnormal” homosexuality is a disease and discrimination against women in Ukraine do not exist.

At the end of September Anna Turchynov noted another big speech about the LGBT community. In her opinion, the LGBT movement created in collusion richest people in the world, and the institution of marriage in Ukraine is in danger.

In 2007 Jakarta we developed 29 principles that would make all kinds of identity, including homosexual. This means that girls and boys will change their behavior 100 times a day, and the entire apropaganda should be the norm, despite the norms of public morality of the country. Therefore, according to this ideology, should be established independent from the state authorities, such gender (LGBT) police, which will establish oversight and to punish anyone who, in its opinion, somehow acted against LGBT people. From society’s need to suppress and criminalize all forms of resistance to gender (LGBT) ideology

– she urged.

What is gender? It is a biological concept determines whether a person is male or female. The floor is due to the structure of genes.

What is the gender (sex role?)?It is a cultural and social concept defines the traits and behaviors that are considered typical for men and women in a particular society.

What is gender identity?? This feeling is a person of your gender regardless of whether he is biologically a woman or a man. Gender identity is formed in the process of education and socialization.

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Турчинов хочет из всех законов убрать термин "гендер" для сохранения Украины