Turkey: American pastor released from custody

Турция: американского пастора освободили из-под стражи

The court of the Turkish city of Izmir sentenced American pastor Andrew Brunson to three years in prison, but decided to release him from custody. The judges took into account time already served Brunson in the course of the proceedings. The priest was arrested last year on charges of having links with the outlawed Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party and the Fethullah Gulen movement. Sam Branson rejected has declared his innocence. Earlier, American media reported that Washington and Ankara have agreed on the release of Branson. Meanwhile, the U.S. state Department stated that it was not aware of the transaction.

Emily Bitner the correspondent of Reuters:

“Relations between Turkey and the USA left much to be desired. The situation with the pastor only complicate them. The case of Andrew Branson led to a trade war and contributed to the economic crisis facing Turkey. The deal between the two countries on this issue, if any, was done, many believe, in the end will affect the economic situation in Turkey. The people here are closely following the progress of this case: whether the pastor is at liberty to decline any tension, whether weakened by the economic sanctions.”

Immediately after the court decision to release the pastor, the President of the United States Donald trump wrote in his Twitter that his administration worked hard to Andrew Branson. However, no details of the American leader did not disclose.

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