Turkey changed rules of transportation of hand Luggage in planes

Турция изменила правила перевозки ручной клади в самолетах

In the cabin, heading to Turkey, we can bring a limited list of items.

The General Directorate of civil aviation of Turkey has introduced restrictions on hand baggage on flights into the country. About it on Tuesday, 11 August, reports TASS referring to the circular of the Department.

“For carriage in the cabin is not allowed hand baggage except women’s handbags, men’s briefcases, cases and bags for laptops, bags for children, acquired in the commercial areas of the airport Souvenirs brought by passengers (musical instruments, cameras, etc.) things, bags of diplomatic couriers, gems and samples of gold. To be carried in the cabin allowed backpacks and shoulder bags that are the size of women’s handbags”, – the document says.

In Turkey the restrictions explained the need “to maintain social distance between the passengers during the embarkation and disembarkation, and the flight attendants did not have to touch the Luggage.”