Turkey has called the release of American pastor independent decision – 24 Channel

Туреччина назвала звільнення американського пастора незалежно прийнятим рішенням - 24 Канал

The head of the Department of public relations of the administration of the President of Turkey
Fahrettin Altun said the United States is in no way could affect the Turkish court to determine the fate of American pastor Andrew Brunson.

He wrote about this in his Twitter.

24 Channel earlier reported that in the Turkish city of Izmir, held a hearing after which it dismissed American pastor Andrew Brunson.

Today’s court decision about the release of American pastor Andrew Brunson showed that Turkey is a democratic legal state, it is a measure of impartiality and independence of the judicial system in Turkey,
– Altun wrote in his Twitter.

He added that “for some time an independent judicial system of Turkey was under pressure from the us administration, and the country came under a variety of sanctions”.

Altun said that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed that Turkey will not submit to threats, the independent judicial system of the country does not need guardianship, her decision should be respected.

“We want to remind the US President Donald Trump once again that Turkey is a democratic legal state, and Turkish courts are independent. No natural or legal person or the government of another country can’t give directions or instructions by the Turkish courts and judges on the implementation of their powers”, – he stressed.

Fahrettin Altun stressed that the United States is in no way affected the course of the proceedings Branson.

Earlier, trump wrote on his Twitter that Washington works hard on the case Brunson”.

Recall that because of the persecution of American passports the President of the United States of America Donald trump first threatened sanctions on Turkey if it does not free Branson.

Subsequently, on August 10, in his Twitter the leader of the USA has announced that it has decided twice to raise tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminium due to the deterioration of relations with Ankara.

In response, on August 15, Turkey announced the lifting of duties on goods from the United States. For American cars, alcohol and tobacco.

The next step in the administration of Donald trump was the rejection of Turkey’s attempts to exchange the release of American pastor Andrew Brunson on the weakening of major penalties for a major Turkish Bank Halkbank.

Why they put Andrew Branson?The American pastor was in a Turkish prison since October of 2016. Prior to this, the man worked in Turkey for 20 years. He was detained in connection with suspected terrorism and espionage. The Turkish government accused the pastor in aiding organisations, who allegedly organized an unsuccessful military coup in Ankara in July 2016. The pastor denies the charges. 25 July 2018, he was transferred under house arrest.

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