Turkey has fallen off the demand for the Crimea and now raises the price

Турция обвалила спрос на Крым и теперь поднимает цены

Turkey season in 2019 raises the price of leisure for tourists from Russia, taking advantage of the resumption of mass demand after resorts in the country were once again open to the Russians (previously it was restricted after the attack on the Turkish air force Russian bomber, which caused the death pilots – ed.).

According to tour operators, in the season of 2019 the cost of holidays in Turkey grew by nearly 20%, reported today the newspaper “Kommersant”, the correspondent of “Politnavigator”.

“Tours to the most popular country summer holidays – Turkey – now sold on average for 102 thousand rubles, which is by 17.2% more than in 2018. The share of areas is 67% of the total volume of early bookings”, – says the publication.

Sales Director “Intourist” Sergey Tolchin noted that higher prices pushed the rounds that increase in tourist traffic: “In some cases, prices at hotels in the country has increased by half, primarily due to a significant increase in tourist arrivals. By 2018 the total number of arrivals in Turkey grew by 23.1%, to 39,47 million people, the number of tourists from Russia 27.3%”.