Turkey has taken tourists from our country

Турция уже приняла отдыхающих из нашей страны

July 1 of each tour operator resumed its flight program and the first Charter flight to Turkey season 2020 was held

The emotions of tourists: the joy of the opportunity to travel to their favorite resorts, a sense of security and safety, no matter what. Happiness from the realization that a forced 4-month pause is over.

Turkey not so long ago welcomed guests! Antalya airport tourists waited for their warm welcome and hospitality of the host party ODEON Tours, which has received a certificate to secure service.

Now the rest will be organized differently, from the rules at the airport to stay. Every tourist is important to know that the tourism industry has made every effort to make the stay of each guest as safe as possible and comfortable. Priority of the company Coral Travel has been and remains the health and safety of each tourist.

The rules of being in the airport and the plane, transfer and insurance – all meticulously designed to protect everyone. It should be noted that Turkey first introduced the world to the concept of “Safe Tourism” in which all the details thought out for tourists wishing to visit Turkey in the period of the pandemic into account the different aspects from transportation to accommodation, security measures during the holidays, the health of staff and campers.

Turkey is ready for the new season to the highest standards, safe holiday transfers under the new rules, disinfection of buses, the certification of hotels that have received permission for the reception in terms of COVID-19, reduced loading of the transport.