Turkey has tightened the rules of entry of tourists into the country: what will happen to the Ukrainians

В Турции ужесточили правила въезда туристов в страну: что ждет украинцев

Turkey has increased the collection of information on tourists and have also changed the rules on hand Luggage in planes

Turkey has tightened control for travelers entering the country. It happened after a tourist from Ukraine on the third day of stay at the hotel discovered coronavirus.

Now all tourists travelling to Turkey will have to fill out a questionnaire in which you will need to specify the destination and the address of stay in the country. About it writes the edition “News”.

All questionnaires will be completed at the airport during passport control, and the data will be entered into the database of the Ministry of interior of Turkey, then to quickly to determine who was flying the plane in the limit of two rows of seats if there is infection COVID-19.

Also introduced restrictions on hand baggage on flights. Now you can take with you handbags, men’s briefcases, baby bags, bags of Duty Free, cameras, musical instruments and laptops. All other items will be checked in.

“On arrival the tourists will check the temperature. If it is above 37,8 °C, then at the airport the Turks at his own expense carry out the test, and within five hours re-doing. If confirmed Covid, immediately isolated, and if a person goes to rest. Some just in case are tested in Ukraine, even though it is not required. By the way, already there were cases when tourists before the trip I had discovered the coronavirus, but the tour is not lost. This situation is considered an insured event and the trip can be transferred,” – said the commercial Director of company Tez Tour Arkady Maslov.

If a tourist finds a coronavirus during the holidays, it’s put into isolation, and treatment is covered by insurance.