Turkey on the threshold of a new blockchain legislation: the Issuer BiLira

Турция на пороге нового блокчейн-законодательства: эмитент BiLira

Co-founder of the Turkish stablon BiLira predicts that in the next year, the Turkish government will introduce new rules for the blockchain.

According to the website Cointelegraph, co-founder of BiLira (TRYB), the first stablein tied to the Turkish Lira, expects the new bills to be introduced soon by the government.

Vidal Arditi (Arditi Vidal), managing Director and co-founder of BiLira, provides that updated rules will be developed “to protect ordinary users and investors, not to curb the growth of the sector.”

Arditi also stressed that the Turkish government has invested heavily in the future of blockchain countries, claiming that Turkey’s leaders are actively “support the blockchain Association, student clubs blockchain, blockchain accelerators, etc.,” adding:

“I am sure that in a year in Turkey we will see much more cryptoprocta, and see how to respond to the government”.

Turkey and the blockchain at the point of intersection

Arditi described the state of the blockchain industry in Turkey, as in “intersection”, noting that the Central Bank “has publicly stated that he would like to have their currency or cryptocurrency on the blockchain for transactions with values.”

Official Director BiLira said that their stablon openly supported by the leading government institutions in Turkey, saying: “We actually were in close negotiations with the Central Bank and Department of banking regulator.”

He added:

“And the Central Bank and the banking Regulator and the watchdog Agency, welcomed us and told us that want to see us successful and they are willing to help.”

Despite the permissive stance of the government on the blockchain and stablein, Arditi expressed some difficulties in finding the assistance of local lawyers, who should have experience in the blockchain industry.

“The blockchain and cryptocurrencies are a relatively new ecosystem, and this requires a powerful aggregation of knowledge, something that Turkey, at some points really not enough,” he said.

BiLira is growing rapidly

Since the launch last year BiLira already has 1500 users and conducted transactions in the amount of $ 14 million.

Recently cryptocurrency platform BTSE added to the listing a few TRYB to Tether (USDT), offering a regular Turks direct access to the dollar amid the worsening financial crisis in the country.

In early may, the Lira Turkey has fallen to record lows, as banking regulators in the country have imposed restrictions on foreign transactions denominated in TRY, trying to reduce speculation and shorts on sale.

BiLira will run on the blockchain AVA

June 8, BiLira announced that it will begin production on the blockchain AVA, once the project is ready to launch the network and will continue to produce TRYB as tokens ERC-20 on Ethereum (ETH).

Ardito said that his team started development on AVA a few months ago, to avoid “many problems, which are now observed in Ethereum, especially on scalability”.

Arditi added, BiLira plans to continue the release of new cryptococcal, saying:

“We hope to expand its presence and network depending on what types of blockchains and networks will arise in the coming months and years.”

The portal Coinews informed that a decentralized network Microsoft identity, the development of which was reported in may, launched in beta at bloccano Bitcoin.

Raise Coinews wrote that the Bank of Korea (BOK) is considering the development of new blockchain-based system for the Korean bond market is one of the largest in Asia.

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