Turkey will present a program of safe tourism

Турция представит программу безопасного туризма

The Minister of culture and tourism of Turkey Mehmet Nuri Ersoy on 19 June in Antalya will present a Program of certification of safe tourism and will show on the example of several new hotels leisure facilities during a pandemic COVID-19.

“Due to the fact that our government has taken strong measures in the early stages (pandemic – ed.), we successfully coped with this period. We are now ready to start the tourist season on the coast. After recovery from June 1 for domestic flights and 10 international, Turkey welcomes guests from abroad”, – stated in the invitation to participate in the event.

The presentation will be held in Antalya from 19 to 21 June, it will take part in the ambassadors of over 40 countries, as well as journalists, including foreign ones.

A document that defines the requirements for certification, consists of 132 points. It has separate sections such as “the arrival of the guest”, “security”, “food & drink”, “fitness, salon and SPA”, “entertainment parlors”, “pools and beaches”, “deliveries to hotels,” “acute condition, and insulation”, etc. certificates is voluntary, but those who refuse this procedure, you will not be able to provide services to tourists.