Turkey will see that is a Russian

Турция увидит, что представляет собой РФ

U.S. Ambassador to NATO, Kate Bailey Hutchison expressed hope that the Turkish authorities will soon realize that a Russian, who in fact is a reliable partner of Ankara.

“We tried all possible ways to explain our ally that we want to remain in the Alliance that in the midst of their country can’t be Russian missile defense system.

(I hope – ed.) that President Erdogan will see that we are their past and future ally, and that they should get rid of the s-400. They will see that it represents Russia. They now see that they (the Russian authorities – ed.) do. And if they attack Turkish soldiers, it must outweigh all that is happening between Turkey and Russia”, – said the diplomat.

When asked by a journalist to comment on the deaths of dozens of Turkish soldiers in Syria from hitting the Syrian government army, supported by Russia, Hutchison noted that she did not know about the incident, however, if “it happened, I just hope that President Erdogan will see… who is the… a reliable partner and who is not.”

She recalled that the purchase of Turkey Russian missile defense systems s-400 has damaged relations between Ankara and Washington.

However, the diplomat did not rule out the possibility of the use in the situation of attack on Turkish soldiers in Syria of the Fifth article of the NATO Charter, involving collective defence of member countries of the organization.

The official representative of NATO Oana Lungescu has released in connection with the events in Syria, the statement, which says that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg discussed the situation with Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu.

According to Lungescu, Stoltenberg condemned the “ongoing bloody bombardment conducted by the Syrian regime with the support of Russia in Idlib, and called on them to stop the offensive, to respect international law and support the efforts of the UN in the peaceful settlement of the conflict.”