Turkish Airlines has released a manual about the safety rules on Board in the style of Lego

Turkish Airlines выпустила вторую инструкцию о правилах безопасности на борту в стиле Lego

Turkish Airlines presented the second version of the video-the cartoon about the safety rules on Board, characters who were characters adventure pictures “LEGO Movie 2” from the Warner Bros film concern, which premiered on 8 February.

Videoinstructing will begin broadcasting on Board aircraft of the airline from March 1. It will replace the previous movie in the style of the Logo, presented in August 2018.

How to fasten seat belts, stow your hand baggage, Smoking ban and other rules of conduct on Board tell Emmett, Lucy and other characters in the film “LEGO Movie 2”, while their work is coordinated by the Director of Lego Batman.

In addition to the rules in the video also shows some cities from the route network of Turkish Airlines, animated with Lego designers – Istanbul, Rome, Cape town, San Francisco, Tokyo, Bali, Hong Kong and Moscow. For the construction of all the locations of the movie animators used 20 330 795 Lego bricks.

There were 11 different versions of the video in English and Turkish for display on 28 types of aircraft from Park Turkish Airlines.

The work lasted for 4 months with the participation of experts from Turkey, USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

In total, the project involved more than 400 people, of which nearly 70 people were entertainers, and more than 80 people worked on live footage. Another 252 people participated in the crowd in addition to the main cast of six in the final footage with the live footage in the terminal at the new airport of Istanbul.