Turkish football player who cut the opponents blade in the field, disqualified for life

Турецкого футболиста, который резал соперников лезвием на поле, пожизненно дисквалифицировали

Midfielder “Amadora” Mansur Calar disqualified for life by the football Federation of Turkey. He received this punishment for the use of blades during a match in the third division with the “Sakaryaspor”.

Sport 24 wrote that Calar carried sharp objects for the match. During the meeting, he quietly put the cuts to opposing players, one of them even cut his face. From the hands of Chalara hit 5 players.

The player is forbidden to participate in any tournaments conducted by the football Federation of Turkey, reports the BBC.

“Midspar” stood up for his player. The club deny that Scalar cut opponents, and the story of the blade is called propaganda. However, it did not save the player from suspension.

Also “Midspar”, which occupies the eighth place in the Second League (third power division championship of Turkey), will play one match without spectators.

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