Turkish medicine: why the people of Germany, Sweden and the UK are going to be treated in this country

Турецька медицина: чому жителі Німеччини, Швеції і Великобританії їдуть лікуватися саме у цю країну

While on holiday in Turkey, I got sick. Heat on the street, chilled air-conditioned air, the constant temperature changes — and this morning I woke up with a terrible sore throat and a stuffy nose, the newspaper “Express”.

The evening was very bad, so I went to the pharmacy, where they found that the drugs are sold by prescription only. Even a simple nasal drops!

Had to dial the phone number specified in the medical insurance — a cold as an acute condition refers to the cases it covers. Unlike, say, the treatment of sunburn or health problems obtained under the influence of alcohol.

The call centre has registered my appeal. After about half an hour received a message on Viber: to the hotel the car will arrive to take me to the clinic. The school was located about 20 kilometers from the hotel. At the reception Desk of the clinic they asked me for my passport and insurance.

Rozzers around — comfortable room, soft corners, armchairs, tables.

Behind the counter of the registration Desk — young girls in purple costumes. Smile, ask, speak Turkish. Offer interpreter, and a few minutes later comes the nurse who is fluent in Russian, takes me to the doctor, who also knows Russian.

The nurse measures the pressure on the finger wears a special device to determine the heart rate, puts armpit electronic thermometer. All the indicators are entered in the medical records.

In the comfort of the doctor’s office — a table, a screen, a couch, a table with medicines, air conditioning. After inspecting the throat, a doctor diagnoses a viral infection. Writes out a prescription, explaining why certain medications. “That is antiviral, it will ease the overall status and nose breathing, get rid of the pain of the head and throat. This is for the nose. And finally, the fourth point is to strengthen the immune system”.

“And now we’ll do injection, announces. — You will immediately become easier. Analgin, diphenhydramine and dexamethasone will quickly improve health, relieve pain and inflammation”.

Procedural — close. They have comfortable soft beds covered in plush sheets. And no one needs to buy syringes or ampoules. The injection site was glued with a special adhesive (for the first time in my life!). I was asked to leave the hall and sit down. Want to follow my status for 15 — 20 minutes.

During this time, it does get easier. Pain is easier to swallow and to breathe.

After 20 minutes the doctor again approached me. Asked how I feel. And then the driver from the clinic took me to the hotel.

Understand what to require from the Ukrainian medicine in the second year of reform before. But should take the example of Turkey. Today, medicine is considered one of the best in Europe. Although only a decade ago was almost a twin sister of Ukrainian.

However, the Turks managed to destroy the old inefficient system. The government introduced compulsory medical insurance. Most Turkish citizens have insurance policies, paid by the employer or the pension Fund. On call physicians do not go. If a person feels bad, goes to the clinic yourself, or calls an ambulance.

In Turkey the medical profession — one of the most prestigious. Nurse gets 1.5 — 2 thousand dollars a month, and the doctor — from 4 to 9 thousand depending on qualifications.

The cost of medical services is quite high. For example, the doctor of narrow specialization — from € 60, US — 40 — 60 euros, the General analysis of blood — from 15 euros. One day in the hospital — from 500 euros. However, this is all covered by the insurance policy.

By the way, in 2005 the level of satisfaction with medical care in Turkey amounted to approximately 40% — 45%, and today — 90% — 95%. And yet they come here to be treated of the richest countries in Europe — Germany, UK, Sweden, Norway…

Marina FROST

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