TV-victims of coronavirus grow with each passing day

ТВ-жертвы короновируса растут с каждым днем

Recently it became known that several popular TV series went on an unplanned vacation. Riverdale, Carnival Rowe and Dolls isolated themselves, in order not to become victims of coronavirus. We already predicted that this is only the beginning and soon the projects one after the other will begin to curtail shooting. Well, we were right, although in this case this fact is generally not happy.

Streaming sites are empty

The quarantine left popular cable projects, such as “the Walking dead”. The creators thought long and hard whether to continue shooting, but gripped the world’s population the panic has forced to curtail the zombie Apocalypse.

Turned the creation of the “Queen of the South”, “Fargo” and “Pennyworth”. While the pause is limited to two weeks, but if the quarantine drags on, the television and the grid will be empty and will start to bore you with repetition.

coronavirus gets in the film industry

“Mysterious events”, “Lucifer” and “House servants” also have decided not to tempt fate and stopped production of new episodes. Next, an example followed by the cast and crew to “See” and “Mythical quest”. The audience after such news have forgotten that risk their lives every day and now only think, when will be able to see favorite characters and a new series of paintings.

To resist coronaviruses can’t even superheroes. “Batwoman”, “Supergirl” and “Flash” were powerless against COVID-19 and curtailed production. Detective in a skirt, “Nancy drew” though fearless, but decided not to risk it – the creators of all the staff went on vacation.

What can we say if even the Winchester brothers from “Supernatural” went into isolation, and these guys seem to are not afraid of anything.

Of the latest victims

The latest in the quarantine list are “Charmed” and “Black list”. And only “Hundreds” decided not to panic and to finish out the last episodes. The film-makers thought to put a pause, but at the last moment decided to finish the job.

Ironically, we are confident that this list will be added. Fans of the suspended projects in free time competing in black humor. Someone hints that soon the Walking dead would cease to exist, and some suggest to take books while kinosalona saved from the virus.

And one of the sites managed to find a sensible proposal – to make a documentary on current events. I wonder who of the founders are the first to catch the war hype and quickly snatched the exclusive rights?

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

The author of the post: Nerdy

ТВ-жертвы короновируса растут с каждым днем

ТВ-жертвы короновируса растут с каждым днем