TVORCHI accused the organizers of the national selection incompetence: details of the scandal

On Saturday, February 22, the whole country watched the most anticipated vocal show – the National selection of Eurovision-2020. Victory of a little-known group GO_A. And after the show the team TVORCHI gave a short comment in which he accused the organizers of incompetence.

The video appeared on Ukrainian fan page Eurovision. Behind the scenes, the soloists of the collective TVORCHI said that they had a technical failure in the instrument that influenced their performance. Vocalist Jeffrey Kenny complained he included the song in the ear the microphone. Because he only heard his voice.

The band TVORCHI accused the organizers of being unprofessional and said that more will not return to national selection. Information about technical faults was confirmed by the representatives of the collective.

It happened for the first time and repeated. They got what they wanted. Terrible incompetence and shame. I was disappointed. I will never come back here
said Jeffrey Kenny.

Subsequently the page appeared less emotional statement. Representatives TVORCHI thanked the whole team of the TV channel “STB” for the good work, because, according to the musicians, they “criticized, taught, and helped”. In addition, the group reached out to fans with words of gratitude, because despite the bad performance for them still sent votes. TVORCHI did not fail to explain what happened in the final national selection of Eurovision-2020.

We don’t want it to look like “justification,” but I want something in principle, and sing – to be heard. We had a problem in the semi-finals – the voice of back-up singers wearing headphones in Jeffrey sounded so loud that it was difficult to hear yourself. However, after that sukachi apologized. Today we sang without music. Literally: in-ear Jeffrey could not hear the music at all,
– said in a statement.

The musicians added that immediately after the speech he went to the man who was responsible for it. However, in response they asked, whether the test was equipment. TVORCHI also said that the organizers of the show were asked not to disclose details of the incident.

“After the speech, when we come to the man who was responsible for it, held the following dialogue: “You tested the microphone!” “Yes! We hear myself perfectly, but no music at all!” “It is impossible (and laughed)”. Behind the stage we were told: you better not tell anyone about it”, – said the artists.

TVORCHI – Bonfire on the national selection Eurovision 2020: watch video

As you know, after the performance, the band TVORCHI received a barrage of criticism from the judges of the national selection of Eurovision-2020. As a result, the experts have evaluated the performance of 2 points, while the audience helped them to score more. The group therefore took the third place, sharing it with David Axelrod. At the same time, the victors of the evening was the group Go_A. TVORCHI publicly congratulated his colleagues, noting that they had a decent song.