TVORCHI after the final national selection: We will no longer participate in such competitions

Group TVORCHI after the final of the National selection for Eurovision 2020 stated that during the speech there were problems with the sound. In a candid interview, the Duo tell what happened live and why they no longer participate in contests.

The soloist of group TVORCHI Jeffrey Kenny admitted that during his speech, not heard on headphones and is a bad influence on his vocals. The actor also added that he did not dare to report the problem with the sound in live for fear of completely losing the chance to win. All this Jeffrey told in interview to the program “see the Interviewer”.

Kenny admitted that all the time tried to put the earphone deep in your ear, because you couldn’t hear the music. However, this did not help and he decided to “sing soul”.

It seemed to me that I sing fine, but for others it seemed too loud,
– said the performer.

TVORCHI – Bonfire on the national selection Eurovision 2020: watch video

Kenny also added that before going on stage the sound engineer asked him to check if everything is fine with headphones.

At that time, I heard there is only singing into the microphone, said that all is well
– told the artist.

Host of “see the Interviewer” Anatoliy Anatolich asked Kenny why he immediately after the speech was not informed about the problem. What Jeffrey replied that all the replica was planned in advance and he had to answer the questions of the host.

I wanted to be polite, although in my head it was a lot of swear words,
said the finalist of the national selection.

The singer said that after the speech he went to the sound guy and told everyone, but the statement about the sound problems caused only laughter.

The group admitted that they will no longer participate in such competitions, because of the mistakes of one person, all efforts may be in vain. The musicians said that after the broadcast, the organizers had to apologize to the audience for the technical problems with the sound.

Andrew said that in the semi-finals also had problems with sound, but then in front of them apologized.

But people don’t know that and mouthing off at us, claiming that Jeffrey can’t sing,
– admitted Gutsulyak.

TVORCHI in the program “ze Interviewer”: watch video