Twelve-year-old guy from the Zaporozhye region became the first participant of the show “the Voice. Children-5” VIDEO

Двенадцатилетний парень из Запорожской области стал первым участником шоу "Голос. Дети-5" - ВИДЕО

Today, may 26, kicked off the fifth season of “the Voice. Children.” Aired the first edition of the vocal show.

The jury of the new season were Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive from the popular group “Time and Glass”, Jamal and Jiji.

The first member of the fifth season of the show was young singer Energodar Jaroslav Politov. He made the song “Sound Of Silence” Dami Im. Almost half a minute of execution, the judges one by one turned to the guy, writes the First of Zaporozhye.

Energodare impressed the jury with his singing. They Yaroslav peppered with compliments, calling him to his team.

– I’m in awe. Thank you for that statement. I felt your soul. And it’s very cool. You have such depth. It’s not even about the voice, not about your age. It’s about feeling the music, ‘ said Jamal.

As a result, the guy chose to Jamal and will participate in the show in her team.

By the way, the young energodare could become a member of “the Voice. Children” last year. He was to speak on the last day of the blind auditions. However, I couldn’t. Judges have fully gained their teams and Yaroslav was among those children who never came on stage.

As the local media, in 12 years the guy is a rich musical past and a large number of children’s contests, which earned him more than 50 awards (certificates and diplomas). He is also known in Energodar, as most young volunteer. Jaroslav always participates in city concerts and events to raise funds in the ATO and for the treatment of needy residents.