Twitter explained how the hackers managed to hack the page Mask, gates and Obama

В Twitter объяснили, как хакерам удалось взломать страницы Маска, Гейтса и Обамы

Hacking accounts, Elon musk, Barack Obama, bill gates and other celebrities on the social network Twitter was carried out thanks to a coordinated attack using social engineering.

July 15, was hacked multiple Twitter accounts and posted messages in them about the distribution of fake bitcoins.

It is alleged that employees of Twitter who have access to internal systems, were victims of a coordinated attack with the use of social engineering. This allowed the attackers to control many accounts, including verified.

Now on Twitter find out what information could hackers obtain access to personal user messages. Many observers have said that the distribution of bitcoins could only be a red herring, and the goal of the attackers had information.

It is noted that only the malware for the attack itself can cost many times more the amount collected.

At the moment Twitter temporarily shut down compromised accounts and restricted access to internal systems. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey promised to publish full details as soon as Twitter will understand how hacking was possible.

The company Chainalysis analyzed the activity of BTC-address of the attacker in a series of tweets, reports Forklog.

The hacker got around of 12.86 BTC (about 120 thousand dollars) to primary address (375 transaction). There were two additional addresses, while XRP-account has not sent anything.

Address exchanging coins with each other to create the appearance of involvement of people in the distribution.

The biggest victim is the purse, which in the past has worked closely with the Japanese exchanges. He sent the bitcoins to 40 thousand dollars. Other translations came mostly from international sites.

В Twitter объяснили, как хакерам удалось взломать страницы Маска, Гейтса и Обамы

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