Twitter forbidden to publish political advertising

В Twitter запретили публиковать политическую рекламу

Social network Twitter has decided to refuse political advertising, believing that it adversely affects the political choices of people and can lead to the manipulation of the elections.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey announced that on November 22 will come into force a ban on political advertising in this social network.

“We made the decision to stop all political advertising in Twitter”, – he wrote on his page.

This solution Dorsey explained the concerns that targeted advertising could compromise the political preferences of people. According to him, it could affect the vote, and as a result, millions of people. The founder of Twitter said that the ban will not limit the freedom of expression of users of the platform.

This decision instantly responded the headquarters of the President of the United States Donald trump. His press service in a sharp, even rude expressions, commented on the decision of the founders of the social network.

At the headquarters trump Twitter reproached for the fact that the social network “turned away hundreds of millions of dollars of potential profit”.

“A very stupid decision in respect of the shareholders. Whether Twitter will cease to advertise or mainstream media,… directed against the Republicans?” – posted at the headquarters.