Twitter is changing the rules of advertising from state media

Twitter меняет правила размещения рекламы от государственных СМИ

20.08.2019, 10:04

The social network has updated its advertising policy in relation to gosmedia

Social network Twitter will stop to advertise from mass media owned by the state, according to a company blog.

“Today we are renewing our advertising policy against the state media. In the future we will not accept advertising from the state-controlled media”, – is told in the message.

In the social network explained that doing this to protect the “healthy discourse and open conversation”. It is noted that this policy does not apply to taxpayer-funded organizations, including independent public service broadcasters.

“We will determine policy on the basis of such important issues as freedom and independence of the media, control over editorial content, financial ownership, influence or interference in the operation of companies, editors and journalists, direct and indirect political pressure and/or control over the process of production and distribution of content,” the message reads.

Also, according to Twitter, the new policy does not apply to organizations that are engaged in solely for entertainment, sports and tourism content. The state media will get 30 days to disconnect from social media advertising products. Separately, Twitter said that the fall under the restrictions of the organization will be able to continue to use their account on Twitter.

Service advertising policy changed after it became clear that the Chinese Pro-government media placed the promotional videos that discredit the protests and protesters in Hong Kong. Recall that Hong Kong people are fighting against the new laws that are going to take city authorities in favor of the Chinese authorities.

  • In August, Twitter began testing the tracking feature using comments.


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