Twitter is starting to tag tweets linking 5G and coronavirus

Twitter начинает помечать твиты, связывающие 5G и коронавирус

After a series of vandalism acts associated with arson, and destruction of the cell towers that swept through Europe, the social network Twitter began to mark all publications linking the communication network of the fifth generation (5G) pandemic coronavirus.

Now all the tweets that are somehow connected with coronavirus and 5G is automatically supplemented with a link “Get the facts about COVID-19”. After clicking on the link takes the user to a page called “No, 5G is not causing coronavirus,” which includes links to news reports and publications of government agencies that refute which has recently become popular conspiracy theory, according to which the 5G network cause COVID-19.

Last month we announced the introduction of new labels and warning messages to provide additional context to some of the tweets that contain controversial or misleading information related to COVID-19“, – stated in the message of the company, whose representatives have confirmed that the new labels have already started to be added to the corresponding custom publications. Twitter added that deleted tweets will only be the case if they contain “calls to action that can potentially cause harm“. The company will not remove posts that contain incomplete or debatable information about the coronavirus.

The source notes that, most likely, Twitter applies a new label, even for records that are clearly not talking about the connection 5G and coronavirus. For example, a new label was marked with a tweet “Hmm, today I’ll get the facts on 5G and Corona”. It seems that the algorithm that is responsible for the tagging has not yet been finalized, so the reference to the vetted facts about the coronavirus can occur even in the comic publications.

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