Twitter postponed the start of removal of inactive accounts

Twitter отложил начало удаления неактивных акаунтов

27 Nov social network Twitter announced about the decision to postpone the deletion of inactive accounts because of the absence of a mechanism for “commemorating” the dead users.

“We heard the impact [our decision] will have on the accounts of dead people. It was a mistake on our part. We will not delete inactive accounts, until you create a new way of memorializing. We apologize for the confusion and problems that we caused and will keep you informed,” – said in the message.

We’ve heard you on the impact that this would have on the accounts of the deceased. This was a miss on our part. We will not be removing any inactive accounts until we create a new way for people to memorialize accounts. – Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) November 27, 2019

26 November, the representative of the company told the Verge about the decision of the leadership of the social network to start deleting accounts that have not logged on to the network more than six months. The process had to start after 11 Dec.