Twitter promises additional security measures

Twitter обещает дополнительные меры безопасности

Twitter adds more security training to prevent a repeat of the hacking that engulfed 130 accounts, including celebrities.

Twitter said in a statement that it continues to investigate the hacking, while the company hopes to conduct more extensive security training for all employees regarding social engineering. This will complement the trainings on cyber security, which they receive during registration and ongoing phishing exercises, informs Cointetkegraph.

About 130 accounts were compromised Wednesday when hackers hijacked the accounts of celebrities on Twitter in the bitcoin space. Among compromised was Elon Musk, Kanye West, bill gates, former Vice President and current presidential candidate Joe Biden, as well as several cryptomery such as Binance, Coinbase, BitFinex and Gemini.

“We are keenly aware of its responsibility to the people who use our services, and to society as a whole. We are embarrassed, we’re disappointed, and most of all we’re sorry… we know We have to work hard to regain your trust and we will put all efforts to bring the perpetrators to justice. We hope that our openness and transparency throughout this process, and the steps and work that we will take to protect against other attacks in the future, will be the beginning of a correct solution to this problem,”

says on the website of the social network.

Twitter said the hackers could see personal information such?? as email addresses and phone numbers, although the social media platform noted that the previous account passwords were not available. Additional information from accounts captured by hackers, could also be viewed.

According to the social network, the attackers pursued the employees using the scheme, deliberately manipulating them to perform certain actions and disclosure of confidential information. Hackers used employee credentials to Twitter to access the internal systems, even the account with two factor authentication was hacked. 130 accounts compromised, but the hackers changed the passwords to 45 of these accounts.

In the message New York Times says that the hackers were a group of young people, and they were planning an attack on the server shell.

In a Twitter message said that the judicial investigation into the hacking is ongoing, and the company fully cooperates with law enforcement agencies. To hacking Twitter looking for senior engineers for security.

Great hacking is considered a Wake-up call for centralized platforms. Some users even found the hidden message in certain transactions. These transactions lead to the wallets associated with Coinbase and BitPay.

CoiNews wrote that after hacking Twitter, during which time affected accounts Joe Biden, Elon musk and Kim Kardashian, the price of bitcoin fell.

Earlier CoiNews informed that one of the victims, TRON founder and owner BitTorren Justin San (Justin Sun), declared that will pay a million dollars to anyone who can track down hackers and provide data about them.

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