Two 100-pound hockey player started a fight during the NHL game – video

In the match of NHL between “Los Angeles” and “calgary” particular attention was drawn to the brawl players. Especially considering their weight.

The fight was a defender of “Los Angeles” Curtis of MacDermid, which weighs 106 pounds, and Milan Lucic, weighing 107 pounds. If they were boxers, it would be the heavyweight.

Hockey team owners first had the advantage in the fight (he knocked the helmet from the opponent), however Lucic managed to send down MacDermid, after which the fight was intervened by the arbitrators.

Video fight hockey

Both players received a 5 minute penalty. And the victory was won by the hosts 5:3. One of the goals in the third period, scored it MacDermid.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Lucic beats MacDermid on the ice. Last time they did this October 8, 2019.

Video of the fight between Lucice and MacDermid 8 Oct 2019