Two new TV channel may soon appear on the Ukrainian TV

Два новых телеканала уже скоро могут появиться на украинском ТВ

Own media resource is going to run businessman Vitaly Kropachev, who was called the unofficial “curator” of the state of the energy sector under President Petro Poroshenko.

A license to run two channels Kropachev already has reports Bihus.Info.

“There are new political forces, which received rabid support of the residents of the country. And today, I think, will be a new popular niche of people who will be able to create a new political force and they need information project”, – said remark.

In September, before the local elections, report details, and while the businessman refuses to tell them.

Kropachev in 2016 called “looking” for the coal industry from the business partner Poroshenko Igor Kononenko.

Businessman to have property and processing factories of Ukraine, Russia, Mirrordisk, Krasnolimanskaya company, mining coal, and Sleigh company of Ukraine, which sells mining equipment.

Proteges Kropacheva were considered representatives of the management of PJSC Centrenergo, Mirrorball GP, GP Pervomayskugol, GP national coal company and others.