Two of the city Council in nikolayevshchina require to cancel the fee for the delivery of gas

Два горсовета на Николаевщине требуют отменить плату за доставку газа

In nikolayevshchina two city Council demanded that the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the energy and utilities (NKREKP), and the Cabinet of Ministers to cancel the monthly fee for the transportation of gas.

In particular, the statement made at the session of the city Council of Bashtanki, reports UKRINFORM.

“We demand from NKREKP and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to cancel the monthly fee for the transportation of gas. Our community considers this decision illegal and predatory. For its transportation system we had paid, it was built at the expense of utilities and the expense of local residents. Now we need to pay for my own property again. People are outraged,” said city Council Deputy Vitaliy gritsyuk.

Bashtansky if it is one of the largest communities in the region, it brings together the city of Bashtanka and 26 settlements.

To require a similar solution came to city Council and residents of Pervomaisk, outraged obtained payment system.

The deputies of may day city Council adopted an appeal to President Zelensky, concerning the abolition of the decision of the national Commission from 24.12.2019 No. 3035 “About establishment of the tariff for distribution of natural gas for JSC “nikolayevgaz”.

It was reported that from 1 January the gas and its delivery, the Ukrainians have to pay separately. The amount in the payment for the gas distribution depends on the consumed volumes. The basis will be taken the amount of fuel consumed for the previous period (for the year 2020 is the time from 1 October 2018 to 31 September 2019) divided by 12 and multiplied by the rate of local operators.

According to the head of the national Commission Valery Tarasyuk, the division of payment for the gas it is necessary that in the future consumers could freely change the fuel supplier.