Two removal and seven heads: the most striking victory of Vorskla at Dynamo video

Два удаления и семь голов: самая яркая победа "Ворсклы" над "Динамо" – видео

Два удаления и семь голов: самая яркая победа "Ворсклы" над "Динамо" – видео

Wednesday, July 8, Kharkiv will host the final of the Cup of Ukraine on football in which will meet “Dynamo” and “Vorskla”. The confrontation of Dynamo and Vorskla stretches back to 1996, when the teams first met in Poltava.

The match ended with the victory of “Vorskla” with the score 4:3 and it was the first for Poltava in the history of the confrontation with Kiev, says “the Era of Football.”

You are already on the 3rd minute through the efforts of Sergei Rebrov came forward. This quick start did not unsettle the hosts and two minutes later Serhiy Chuichenko equalized.

Apparently, those who come late to the game on 10 minutes was very sorry, as of 8 minutes of the game was scored the third goal. By the way, scored the current coach of “green-whites” Yuri Maximov, but still the same Chuichenko five minutes again restored parity on the scoreboard, and on 21 minutes, Vitaliy Kobzar third time had the crowd in a fit of joy to rise from seats.

Два удаления и семь голов: самая яркая победа "Ворсклы" над "Динамо" – видео

Два удаления и семь голов: самая яркая победа "Ворсклы" над "Динамо" – видео

Vorskla – Dynamo 4:3 / Photo:

After another 10 minutes Igor Kislov faster all reacted to a rebound from the crossbar after hitting Vitali Samoilov and the fourth time sent a ball to a grid of gate of Igor Kutepov.

During the break, Arsene Wenger gave good advice and used to motivate profanity. His plans are a little broke Maximov, who in the 51st minute for hitting an opponent was shown a red card. Even in the minority of the “white-blue” did not give up, but managed to score only once-at the end of the game Paul Shkapenko. A few minutes before the final whistle the referee sent off another player of “Dynamo” Vladislav Vashchuk.

Vorskla – Dynamo: video game 1996

Dynamo – Vorskla: a history of confrontations

The whole team played 53 matches. 40 wins on account of Dynamo’s nine games ended in a draw and four victories won “Vorskla”. Goal difference is impressive – 112:33.

Highest scoring match was played in the season 2002/2003, when the “Dinamo” beat “Vorskla” with the score 8:0.

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