Two residents of Zaporozhye organized stealing of water supply in the city centre with an excavator

Двое жителей Запорожья организовали кражу водопровода в центре города с помощью экскаватора

The Prosecutor’s office of Zaporizhia region reported about suspicion to two residents of Zaporozhye who, according to the investigation, organized a large-scale theft of water pipes in the city and region.

About it reported in Prosecutor’s office of Zaporozhye region.

The investigation conducted by the local administration of the SBU.

According to law enforcement, two residents of the regional center in December last year, using a backhoe and other equipment was abducted 315 meters of pipe irrigation system in Odessa. The pipeline was on the balance volnjansky on water management. Damage to the plant was estimated at 1,7 million hryvnias.

In January this year, criminals with the help of an excavator dismantled 78 meters metal housing urban water supply in Kiev. The weight of the stolen metal amounted to 30 tons. Damage was estimated at 380 thousand hryvnias.

The work was carried out on the street. in the heart of the city. To give a semblance of repairs, the criminals used fake documents. They also showed the people’s work.

One of the suspects was detained at the scene at the end of January this year. Another found later. On suspicion, they were informed on 21 may.

The criminal proceedings are investigated in the articles about the theft and forgery. To suspects threatens till 12 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property.